The peak holiday season is a time like no other for brands to level up their influencer gifting strategy — especially since nearly 49% of consumers are looking to influencer recommendations.

Just a tiny catch. You’re paying double than normal for influencer collaborations this time of year, and they are flooded with partnership offers.

So, how do you get their attention? And more importantly, how do you make your product stand out from the rest of the competition?

You give them a memorable unboxing experience.

Here's the simple and easy-to-follow Influencer unboxing gameplan heading into the holiday season — with a ton of inspiration and examples along the way.

Why a Memorable Unboxing Experience Is Important for Ecommerce Brands

I recently had a sub-par unboxing experience. My new make-up delivery arrived in a plain cardboard box that was far too large for the two products I ordered.

Inside was nothing other than the mascara, lipstick (both rattling about), and a delivery consignment sticker.

And it gets worse ...

The mascara tube was ... empty!?

I’m not an influencer. But imagine if I WAS.

It should go without saying for any unboxing experience, first impressions do count. And it’s not just influencers that are at play here, it’s your potential paying customers.

Will I consider that brand again? Maybe. But if I was an influencer, your brand's audition is over my friend.

The elements of a great unboxing experience

Ask yourself this …

If you were an influencer, which is going to make you feel more valued: the product arriving in a generic cardboard box, or in attractive, bespoke packaging?

The product inside is exactly the same, but the perception between these two examples couldn’t be more different.

  • The generic cardboard box = just a ‘thing’
  • The attractive, bespoke packaging = a branded experience

You won’t turn an influencer into an advocate with a plain cardboard box.

For a memorable unboxing experience, it’s what’s on the outside that counts, too. Both the packaging design and packaging materials both play a huge role in how your product is perceived — it’s also the first thing the influencer sees. A plain shipping box just won’t cut it.

Instead, you need custom packaging and to:

  • Think about how you can customise packing materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper for a better branded packaging experience
  • Use custom packing tape or customised stickers to decorate the exterior and interior of your box
  • If sustainability is part of your brand’s story, choose packing materials that fit with your identity

How To Achieve the Perfect Unboxing Experience

Small but noticeable improvements, such as branded packaging and handwritten notes, can turn an otherwise standard box into an experience worth sharing on social media.

Behold! Your gameplan and the influencer unboxing experience recipe for success ...

Three things to remember:

  • Make it personal
  • Make it unique
  • Make it shareable

Give your unboxing experience a personal touch

Here's where you can double down on communicating how much you value them. Leverage inserts and marketing material like a handwritten note to add a personal touch. Or include an extra product they didn't ask for but you know they would love.

One example might be incorporating QR codes that links directly to content related to the merchandise.


Or what about a personal note from the founder?

Much like what Bambu earth did in their order confirmation but this time adding it to their mailer.


Make your ‘last’ impression unique

Unlike your customers, the influencers’ “post-sale” flow is much shorter. Your first impression was your outreach message. This is the 'last' impression you have control over.

Order your own product, receive it in the mail, open it up and ask yourself: am I communicating what I want them to feel?

Let's take a look at @beercartel's unboxing experience. Day after day, the sipper returns to the box, discovers their fresh gift, creates memories, and builds inherent brand recognition.


And check out Journ Beauty's skincare-focused cosmetics shipped on a bed of dried flowers, along with a handwritten note.

Design an experience worth sharing

Is your poly mailer with just a sticker and the product doing it for you? Packaging that has a “wow factor” will also make influencers more eager to share about the fabulous new products that were delivered.

Everything you do for your mailers should work towards encouraging (not asking), them to make great content. You must equip them speak about you. Your whole package should do this but how do you give your influencers the words they need to share the product with others? Check out how Bolt Beauty did it.

Your seeding card should communicate three things:

  • Product benefits: providing pseudo talking points for the influencer
  • Brand story: your narrative, answering the question "why you?"
  • CTA: where they can learn more about your brand/product

When our clients have invested properly into their unboxing experience, it has increased their post rates by 30%. In turn, it's led to content like this example from Viva Naturals.

Gift the Influencers Something Worth Talking About

Holiday is already prospecting heaven and hell in one — so don't blow it on a poor unboxing experience. Give it a personal touch, make it unique, and give the influencers an experience worth sharing.

Because memorable unboxing experiences are truly the key to an influencer's heart.