How we got QALO’s ring on the finger of LeBron James

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In 2012, the term "silicone ring" was never searched before on Google. By 2018, QALO was #151 on Inc. 500 List and over 40 million in revenue.

A crucial part of this significant growth was implementing our influencer strategy called Product Seeding or sending product out for free. Because of the vast number of use cases, QALO wanted to get the product into the hands of influencers across many different industries.

Quickly thereafter, pro athletes in games or country music stars in concerts were seen wearing the ring. People were rallying around the brand and had adopted the product. The influencer roster at QALO grew in the hundreds as it led to contracting deals of one-off posts to long-term yearly contracts, ultimately growing the QALO brand of the year.


Project Results

On average we were able to seed 50 influencers a month with QALO rings, taking the business to new heights month on month. Until one day, we were greeted with this beautiful piece of influencer generated content:

The man himself, wearing a QALO ring.

And this was by no means a one off post. Because LeBron truly loved and used the product on a daily basis, he was photographed many times with the QALO ring on his finger.

How much do you think a brand like Nike would pay for a partnership with one of the top athletes in the world?

For QALO, they were able to source high caliber content from LeBron James at the price of COGs thanks to product seeding.

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