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What We Do

We believe in the powerful value that exists between brands and influencers. It should be formed through a holistic strategy, an understanding of your brand story and finding out who can tell it best. Thats what we do. Now find out how we do it…

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The plan to acquire customers and capitalize on the Holiday buying season starts now

The Table

The common place of belonging that we cultivate in order to work together towards a better future. As we build our table of brands and influencers, our work is to also help build yours. Here’s how we do it…


Grab A sEat

Think of this as our first date, with less pressure. It’s our way of understanding your brand filter & influencer history.

Share Your Story

You speak, we listen. Don’t hold back, we need to know all the ins and outs to take our next steps. How does influencer marketing apply to the next part of your journey?

make a strategy

Influencer marketing isn’t cut and dry. It needs a strategy that matches with your short and long term vision. We’re here to help you make one.

Find your influence

We go to work and find out who can share your story best.


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Our Philosophy

What if we told you influencer marketing shouldn’t be based off of likes or followers? That’s because we think different.

We never make decisions based solely off of data backed analytics or how one fits your brand. This is because one without the other is ineffective. You need both. The true power of influencer marketing happens when you have the right person + your brand message + an audience who will listen and take action. Don’t just take our word for it, let us share some brand stories with you!

Who’s At The Table?



We used to be on the other side. With a deep background in start-up companies & talent management, we worked with every type of agency you could find. Although talented, we knew there was a better way than simply exchanging dollars and billing hours. We wanted to create, between brands and influencers, what we found in each other… Kynship.


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