In this episode, we’ll be talking to Jake Karls, the co-founder of Mid-day Squares. Today will be talking about how telling a unique story assists Mid-day in building relatability with consumers and attracting the right influencers to work with.

  • [01:01]: Getting Mid-day into 3000 stores.
  • [01:33]: Business split. (D2C/Retail)
  • [02:04]: Size of business.
  • [03:55]: Family dynamic in a business partnership.
  • [05:01]: Market penetration secret.
  • [07:10]: Building a brand in public.
  • [10:14]: Getting awareness for a brand.
  • [11:49]: Inbound vs outbound percentage.
  • [12:14]: Marketing budget spent on influencer.
  • [13:47]: Budget breakdown.
  • [15:09]: ROI of Influencer.
  • [15:59]: Tapping into affiliate marketing.
  • [17:24]: Driving traffic to stores through ads on Meta.
  • [18:10]: Scalability of customized photo strategy.
  • [19:40]: Influencer approval process.
  • [20:36]: Influencer marketing manager.
  • [21:31]: Advice to brands working with influencers.
  • [22:43]: Video customer service.
  • “Authenticity strikes as relatability to a lot of people. Whether it's working with influencers or acquiring new customers” – Jake Karls.
  • “The unboxing experience gives your potential customers a preview of what they could receive in the mail” - Cody Wittick.
  • “Storytelling supplements a good product to scale really fast.” – Jake Karls.

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