In this episode, Dan McCormick, the Founder, and CEO at Create Wellness, will be talking about how he’s been using cost cap bid strategy on Facebook (with the assistance of Kynship) to be their fastest rising D2C client.

  • [03:36]: Dan’s background.
  • [08:20]: Create Wellness brand overview.
  • [09:57]: The launch progress & projected goal of Create.
  • [11:15]: Marketing channels.
  • [13:45]: Utilizing relationships in pitching Create.
  • [15:30]: Dan's philosophy.
  • [19:13]: Feedback from Influencers.
  • [24:00]: Facebook ban on Create's ad account
  • [26:51]: Issue at the beginning of launching ads.
  • [27:49]: Eye opener for launching creative pieces for Create
  • [29:57]: Facebook ad performance.
  • [32:03]: Lessons from product launch.
  • [35:45]: Subscription model for acquiring more customers.
  • [37:22]: Advice to brands.
  • “Creative drives company brand, company brand then drives creative” – Dan McCormick
  • “The top-down approach has its place in a company, but there's also a place for listening to who your product resonates with and then building from that.” - Dan McCormick
  • “It’s not worth doing pay-for-post in your first 6-12 months until you don't need very strict ROAS calculations on what that placement's going to get you.” – Dan McCormick

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