In this episode, we’ll be talking to Bren Daniel the associate director of partnerships at Caraway Home, and how they went long-term with influencers, setting themselves up for success in the long run.

  • [01:31]: Introduction to Bren and Caraway
  • [05:06]: Affiliate commission budget
  • [05:49]: Caraway Influencer marketing team
  • [07:01]: Attribution for growth
  • [08:18]: Budget for other influencer projects
  • [10:10]: Dealing with leaked links
  • [12:51]: Defining an ambassador
  • [14:14]: One-off post vs long-term ambassadors
  • [17:16]: Caraway Inbound post rate
  • [19:56]: Other unique parts of the contract
  • [22:42]: Ambassadors' channel split
  • [25:52]: Performance under influencer content
  • [28:03]: Tech Stacks
  • [30:10]: Using Grin as a one-stop shop
  • [32:02]: Advice to brands getting into Influencer marketing
  • “Even though we need to trust the data, thinking long-term about influencers will set you up for success because they're humans at the end of the day” – Cody Wittick
  • “Most people we work with are inbound. Not that we don't like outreach, but it takes twice the time to onboard an outbound than inbound.” - Bren Daniel
  • “My advice for brands getting into influencer marketing is to trust your gut first, test it out, then let the data guide you” – Bren Daniel

Cody Wittick: Twitter‍

Taylor Lagace: Twitter

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