In this episode, we’ll be talking to Jack Rubin the co-CEO of Purdy & Figg, and with the help of micro-influencers, how he tripled its growth.

  • [01:12] Introduction to Purdy & Figg
  • [02:08] Sibling dynamic in running a business
  • [04:47] Purdy & Figg’s origin story
  • [07:30] Stumbling across Kynship
  • [09:38] Jack’s approach to outsourcing
  • [13:18] Previous outsourcing experience
  • [16:16] Influencer stats to Purdy & Figg campaign
  • [18:28] The element of surprise
  • [20:46] Advise to brands
  • [23:07] Continual handholding with influencers
  • [25:14] Building a long-term community gem
  • [26:18] Influence of marketing goals
  • [28:10] The influencer pyramid theory
  • [30:17] Seating with Macros beforehand
  • “When someone else is doing something for you, they're making money, so that's a margin that you could be keeping if you do it yourself and for me, to outsource something, there's gotta be real specialism that they're gonna do it so much better than I could.” - Jack Rubin
  • “Key areas of focus for any small business now, the more content you can push out across your, all your channels, that's gonna have huge impacts across the board.” - Jack Rubin
  • “Micro influencers embed you intothe community and give you a tone of UGC, ad and site content that assists inincreasing your brand presences” - Jack Rubin
  • “Volume of assets is one of thekey products to any small business” – Jack Rubin

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