In this episode, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about the Influencer marketing budget calculator to help you effectively budget for the forthcoming year.

  • [01:12] Four quarter accounting principles
  • [02:05] Target breakdowns sheet
  • [03:35] Differences and the splits in the budget
  • [06:18] Influencer marketing budget and options
  • [08:46] Influence marketing budget recap
  • “If you're planning for your first year of influencer marketing, use a free influencer discovery tool. But if you're planning to spend 100K, get an identification tool that can be really resourceful and helpful.” - Taylor Lagace
  • “0 to 5 million target breakdown, people are a little bit more willing to acquire customers at a higher rate. Just cause you're a new business, you gotta earn your keep. It's just the way it works” - Taylor Lagace
  • “We recommend dedicating 80% of your budget to seeding, and this would include your seeding budget calculator in terms of how much it costs to send out a free product or a bunch of free products of your COGS plus shipping.” - Cody Wittick

Influencer Marketing Budget Calculator

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Taylor Lagace: Twitter

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