Listen in as we answer rapid-fire questions that are common in influencer marketing &marketing in general.

  • [01:59] Q1: What about rev share or brand equity deals?
  • [06:10] Q2: What Platform should I be on? Should I expect sales?
  • [08:52] Q3: Does Influencer marketing apply to B2B?
  • [10:57] Q4: Unboxing experiences: why are they so important?
  • [12:44] Q5: What has iOS14 done to influencer marketing?
  • [15:21] Q6: Favouriteinfluencer marketing tools/software?
  • [17:49] Q7: Tool to examine if influencers' metrics are not compromised
  • [20:14] Q8: Should an influencer be independent or signed up with an agency?
  • [21:59] Q9: How to find the true cost of a creator
  • [23:25] Q10: What's the right method to choose influencers to work with?
  • “Influencer marketing applies to anybody and everybody, for every product, for every service” - Taylor Lagace
  • “The true cost of a creator is how much value they provide to your brand & product” - Taylor Lagace
  • "If you’re a small brand, don’t go too mega with influencers. Most won’t give you the time of day" - Cody Wittick

Cody Wittick: Twitter

Taylor Lagace: Twitter

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