Planning a Black Friday/Cyber Monday marketing strategy is the key to standing out from the crowd of advertising. Unfortunately, there is also the looming recession to consider, so for many business owners, budgets are getting tighter than usual. So, how can you make the most of your marketing budget while still getting quality content that you can use to promote your brand? In this episode, I will be sharing what steps to take to get high-quality content while being mindful of costs, shipping, and timelines.

Listen in as I describe the importance of getting help to reach out to influencers, how to start the seeding process and what kind of returns you may expect to receive. You will learn how to grow a large amount of influencers to promote your business during the holidays, how to dictate your seeding costs and more.

  • How to get high-quality content without blowing your budget.
  • How to keep costs as low as possible while keeping profit as high as possible.
  • The importance of getting a high volume of content consistently.
  • How to start your influencer marketing process today.
  • Why seeding is the most cost-effective option for content.
  • How to get engaging and relevant content.

  • “The time is now to invest in influencer marketing.” - Cody Wittick
  • “Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective option to help you grow your business.” - Cody Wittick
  • “Everyone is tight for money right now, but influencer marketing is the best option for your business.” - Cody Wittick

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