How we scaled Animalhouse Fitness from 0-$1M in 4 Months

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Project Overview

Animalhouse Fitness develops innovative products that help fitness enthusiasts achieve their wellness goals.

And on October 6th, Animalhouse Fitness introduced MonkeyFeet to the world.

We were contacted to help create a splash with this new product launch - and to get the product into the hands of the fitness industry.

By adopting our philosophy of building the relationship on giving, not asking - they were able to create authentic relationships with influencers.

This allowed us to grow their brand from 0-$1M in just four months.

Project Results

Through sending out their product for free to influencers, Animalhouse Fitness was able to generate 3,710 organic posts, without even asking for it.

We were then able to repurpose all of that content in their ad account.

The result: We grew their brand from $0 to $7M in just 1 year.

One of the most amazing things about influencers is their ability to influence other influencers. Once you get your product into the hands of the right person - the ripple effect within their network can be enormous.

This was the case for Animalhouse Fitness.

It started with building a relationship with influencer, Ben Patrick (With 150+ stories & posts). With 143 posts + stories about the product under his belt, Ben caught the eye of Joe Rogan.

As a bi-product of our service MonkeyFeet was mentioned four times on the Joe Rogan Experience.

No sponsorship. Just organic (and free) love for the product. All of this is the result of product seeding and a great cherry on the cake for our client.

Some great numbers

Revenue generated


Volume of influencer content posted

Total amount of Influencers who posted


Total assets repurposed into Facebook


Influencers seeded per month on average

Influencer roster

Increased ad account performance by

Decreased cost per acquisition by

Revenue generated


Influencers seeded


Influencers posted


Content created

Influencers seeded per month on average

Influencer roster

Ad account performance increase

Cost per purchase

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