Content (whether this is video, written or imagery) is the most important piece of marketing for your brand. More than ever before, customers are choosing to research products and services through their online presence and the influencers who are promoting them. However, as an entrepreneur or business owner, it can be tricky to know when to start creating content and where to even begin. So, in this episode, we will be explaining how to go about creating amazing content for your brand without blowing out your marketing budget.

Listen in as we describe the pros and cons of doing studio shoots, as well as what you could do to create content instead of a studio shoot. You will learn why influencer marketing is our top pick for budget marketing, the price you will pay to acquire an asset like content and how to make your ads not look so much like a commercial.

  • What a studio shoot is.
  • What costs are involved when shooting content for your brand.
  • What goes into a studio shoot and who is involved.
  • How to capture content.
  • The positives and negatives of doing a studio shoot.
  • What you can do instead of studio shoots to create content.

  • “[Influencer marketing] is incredibly cheaper and it’s performing better.” - Cody Wittick
  • “What’s more sustainable for your brand? Is it doing a $50K studio shoot every month? Probably not.” - Cody Wittick
  • “We’ve 100% seen influencer generated content outperform studio shoot assets.” - Taylor Lagace

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