If you’re a brand with a product that caters to athletes or folks who watch sports, then you would probably love to get your products in the hands of an athlete so they can promote your business. So, how do you connect with these athletes to make this dream a reality? And where do you even begin when reaching out to teams and individuals? In this episode, we discuss everything you need to know about having your products promoted by athletes (both professional and college level), including how, when, and where to go to find the athletes to partner with.

Listen in as we describe how to reach out to college athletes and professional athletes, as well as the benefit of writing a note (make sure it’s handwritten) to the athlete to ensure it seems personalized and genuine. You will learn when the right time to reach out to athletes is, how to build a relationship with athletes and who you are more likely to get a connection with.

  • How times have changed with college football.
  • Why it used to not be legal to partner with brands as athletes.
  • How to get your product in the hands of young athletes to promote your brand.
  • How to build relationships with athletes.
  • The right time to reach out to college football teams.
  • The benefit of sending a handwritten note when reaching out to professional athletes.

  • “Make sure that you’re including the GA when you’re sending product.” - Cody Wittick
  • “You want to be the graduate assistant that has relationships built.” - Taylor Lagace
  • “You want to address the package [of your product] to the actual player with a handwritten note.” - Cody Wittick

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