Influencers gain the trust and loyalty of their viewers and can quickly bring those viewers to your brand if you decide to work with them. This type of marketing is not restricted to celebrities either. Many brands are turning to influencers who have built highly engaged smaller audiences. So, where can you find these influencers? And how do you decide which influencer is right for your brand's marketing? In this episode, we will share tips and tricks for finding and choosing influencers for your business.

Listen in as we describe several platforms to try to find creators, as well as what influencer marketing tools we use in our business. You will learn the importance of having a solid understanding of your customer avatar, the benefit of using micro influencers, and why we believe video content is the most valuable form of content.

  • How to choose influencers.
  • Where to find influencers for your brand.
  • Free tools to find influencers.
  • The importance of video content creation.
  • Why you must have a good understanding of your ideal customer.
  • Why you should focus on micro influencers.
  • What metrics to look at to analyze an influencer.

  • “Video content creation is crucial.” - Taylor Lagace
  • “Try to align the influencers that you’re looking to represent your brand quantitatively with customer data.” - Taylor Lagace
  • “The data shows that video tends to outperform static imagery.” - Taylor Lagace

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