Every entrepreneur has a story. The journey of success is always filled with ups and downs, and that's part of what makes each entrepreneur unique and knowledgeable about their given topic. In our last episode, we learned about Taylor’s background, exploring how his experience within this space has led him to a greater understanding of influencer marketing. This week, we’re taking a deep dive into Cody’s background, specifically how he discovered the power of influencers' ability to build trust and sell products.

Listen in as Cody shares where he began his journey with QALO, which ultimately led him to build out a large influencer program through the foundation of seeding - something we believe is fundamental to the success of influencer marketing. You will learn the importance of building relationships with influencers first, how to repurpose your content and why it doesn’t always matter who it is if the content they’re creating isn’t great.

  • What led Cody to creating Kynship.
  • What seeding is and why it is beneficial.
  • How Cody became aware of seeding.
  • The importance of building relationships with influencers.
  • The value of repurposing content.
  • How to utilize macro video testimonials.
  • Why it doesn’t matter who the influencer is if the content isn’t great.
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on macro partnerships.

  • “You hedge your bet by seeding and building a relationship the right way.” - Cody Wittick
  • “Focus on seeding, and building relationships and getting as much of the product out there as possible for as much as you can afford.” - Cody Wittick
  • “Most brands shouldn’t focus on macro partnerships.” - Cody Wittick

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