About this episode

Welcome to Influencer Marketing Blueprint! You deserve to have a blueprint for influencer marketing that is guaranteed to bring you the success you have worked so hard for—this is where we step in. Each week, your hosts Cody Wittick and Taylor Lagace will be sharing key insights and expert knowledge that drives revenue, not just likes on your social feed. Are you ready to take action? Let’s dive in.

In this inaugural episode, we will be discussing what is currently going wrong in the influencer marketing space and why this needs to change in order to see the true impact that is possible. Listen in as Taylor shares his background, including how he got involved in marketing and why he does not agree with macro celebrity talent.

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What You'll Learn

  • The current model of influencer marketing
  • Why the current model isn’t working for most brands
  • How to stop burning your marketing budget on under-performing ads
  • Taylor’s background and how he got involved in marketing
  • Why building trust with your audience is crucial
  • How to increase engagement
  • The value of content creation from influencers
  • The importance of finding ambassadors that align with your brand

Ideas Worth Sharing

  • “Viewing influencers as distributors is a broken lens.” - Taylor Lagace 
  • “The goal is to find ambassadors that align with your brand and will advocate for you.” - Taylor Lagace 
  • “Attribution is a must in partnerships.” - Taylor Lagace

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